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That trust is grounded in a commitment by the advisor to act solely in your best interests.  But how can you be sure that the person you are entrusting not only embraces their commitment but is fully qualified to fulfill it?

Background research and client references will reveal an advisor's experience and reputation.  But one way you can quickly find out is to ask if the advisor is an investment fiduciary who has earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA) Designation from the Center of Fiduciary Studies™, the standards-setting body of fi360.

The Center for Fiduciary Studies is supported by a team of experienced investment practitioners, attorneys, educators, and other professionals.  The Center for Fiduciary Studies develops and maintains the Prudent Practices™ defined in their handbooks.  In addition, the Center is responsible for overseeing the body of knowledge that forms the basis for the AIFA curriculum, examination, and certifying qualifications. Based on the work of the Center for Fiduciary Studies, Fi360 offers the AIFA Designation Training programs and other fiduciary training programs. Fi360 also develops sophisticated fiduciary management online tools for investment professionals that provide more efficient and effective implementation of the Prudent Practices.  In addition to training, designations, and tools, Fi360 offers a host of fiduciary resources including a blog, webinars, annual conference, and public advocacy for laws that promote greater transparency and accountability in the investment industry.



Many investment stewards do not realize they are fiduciares - and fewer still are truly aware of the full scope of their responsibilities.  Some believe that they are meeting those requirements by implementing investment recommendations made by outside investment advisors.  However, not all advisors are bound by the fundamental requirement of the fiduciary standard: to act solely in the best interests of and with undivided loyalty to the plan or fund and its beneficiaries. But you are.

If you or other members of your organization need guidance to evaluate and improve your fiduciary investment processes, you should consider engaging the services of an advisor who has earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst™ (AIFA®) Designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies™.


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