Mar 2, 2022

“I think eventually the market will kind of focus on where we are with the economy. We’ve got good numbers this week. We’re going to see the Fed (Federal Reserve System) raise interest rates in a couple weeks. Our portfolios have very very few, if any at all, Russian stocks or Russian bonds. And we don’t normally often see back to back monthly stock losses. It has happened, but it doesn’t happen that often. And when we do, we see it followed by a recovery in a relatively short period of time. So this is not a time to be worried or panic or be concerned. We’re just going through a process of a double hit of rising interest rates with inflation and a geopolitical event. We don’t normally see those two things together. So, be patient. Just take it easy and don’t go online and check your accounts. I’m grinning when I say that.” – BARRY M. CORKERN

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